Is there food and drink available at festival venues?

_DSC0112The best way to answer this question is to check the key that runs through our festival programme, as food and drink can vary by both venue and event types.

The Stromness Town Hall has no catering or bar, however do feel free to bring in bottled water or soft drinks. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the Town Hall.

There is a bar in the Stromness Community Centre, and so soft and alcoholic drinks are in plentiful supply at our Club shows. Rolls and crisps etc are usually available as well.

Late-night events in the Stromness Academy (Stomps) are also licensed, and takeaway vans usually pitch-up outside, for closing time.

Most community halls will offer a bar, however please do check the programme as we cannot guarantee that all venues will have one – and it is unlikely that most will have substantial food (more than bar snacks), so please do plan ahead.

In Stromness, restaurants etc get very busy over lunch and dinner times, yet most are open throughout the day, so it might be worth eating mid-afternoon/early evening, or allowing yourself extra time, to beat the crowds.