Alexander Aga Røynstrand

In recent years, Alexander Aga Røynstrand has distinguished himself as a leading figure in the world of Hardanger fiddle players in Norway. He's earned the well-deserved title of 'Master Fiddle Player', marking his exceptional skills and contributions to this traditional art form.

His remarkable journey culminated in a significant victory at the prestigious Landskappleiken, the Norwegian Championship in 2019, where he triumphed in the A-class for Hardanger fiddle, ultimately claiming the coveted King's Trophy.

Alexander's musical expression is deeply rooted in the rich and time-honored Hardanger fiddle repertoire of his native Hardanger region. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Knut Hamre and Anders Kjerland, he has embraced these esteemed musicians as his foremost ideals. However, over the years, his solo performances have allowed him to craft unique interpretations and convey his personal sentiments through his music.

Alexander desires to bring the enchanting world of folk music to a broader audience, making it accessible to as many people as possible. To him, each new audience is a delightful challenge, and he takes it upon himself to introduce this enchanting music to a diverse array of listeners.