The Chair

Combining a benignly hedonistic version of Viking berserker spirit with a formidable breadth of musicianship, Orcadian eight-piece The Chair deliver a turbocharged mash-up of folk, blues, rock, dub, klezmer and more. Collectively the sound bursts with the energy of a heavy rock gig - a rampant ruckus of fiddles, banjos, accordions and drums - yet remains acoustic at heart.

On home turf at Orkney Folk Festival, the group joins us to celebrate its 20th birthday having formed for the 2004 event. The band has been bringing its unique "stomp" frenzy to festival tents and concert halls throughout the UK and Europe ever since.

The group's hotly anticipated and long awaited third album, Orkney Monster was released to wide acclaim in late 2020, following similarly high praise for their debut Huinka (2008) and sophomore release The Road to Hammer Junkie (2013).