Dòchas formed in 1998 as an all female band, made up of music graduates who came together with a shared love of traditional music and song.

Recording two studio albums and performing all over the world, five quickly became six as the girls welcomed All-Ireland Bodhran champion Martin O'Neill to complete the line up.  As well as touring across Europe and Canada, Dòchas performed in Scotland for many years delighting crowds who gathered to listen. Julie Fowlis, Carol-Anne Mackay, Eilidh MacKenzie, Kathleen Boyle, Jenna Reid and Martin O'Neill re-formed for a special show at Celtic Connections in 2022.

The perfect blend of vocals, whistle, pipes, accordion, harp, fiddle, piano and bodhran draws on a mix of Highlands and Islands music with a distinct Donegal flavour. Lead singer and international star Julie Fowlis, widely known for her stunning voice, is beautifully accompanied by Glasgow/Irish musician Kathleen Boyle, well known as a member of Cherish the Ladies. Skye-born Eilidh MacKenzie adds gorgeous Clarsach playing into the mix with Jenna Reid and Carol-Anne Mackay adding fire with a blend of Shetland fiddle tunes and Highland piping.