Kinnaris Quintet

Uplifting, fresh, honest and powerful; Kinnaris Quintet's three fiddles, mandolin and guitar meld influences of traditional Scottish and Irish music, bluegrass, old-time, classical, with new compositions, harmonies, energy, and drive.

The Glasgow-based act burst onto the folk scene in 2017, releasing their debut album Free One to critical acclaim. In just five years, Kinnaris Quintet have gone on to be at the forefront of originality in the traditional music scene, and were awarded the 2019 Belhaven Bursary for Innovation in Music - the largest financial music prize in Scotland. In May 2022 the band released their highly-anticipated second record, building on their signature style of intricate traditional melodies underpinned by driving rhythm.

Whilst remaining faithful to their traditional roots, Kinnaris Quintet delicately push the boundaries of tradition, bringing it to the forefront of exciting and modern music. Aileen Reid (5 string fiddle/vocals), Fiona MacAskill (fiddle), Laura Wilkie (fiddle), Laura-Beth Salter (mandolin/tenor guitar/vocal) and Jenn Butterworth (guitar/stomp/vocals) are all accomplished musicians in their own right, but when they play together their combined energy is compelling. Unable to hide their joy at making music together, the quintet perform with an enthusiasm that is infectious as anyone who has seen them live will attest.

Kinnaris Quintet have become the folk band to see, with sell-out shows at Celtic Connections, appearances at most other major folk festivals, and prestigious music award nominations. With an approach that is innovative, impulsive andinstinctive, their music lends itself to a creative freedom that has grasped the attention offestivals, media, peers, and public audiences across Scotland, the UK, and further afield.