The Langan Band

With a deceptively stripped-back line-up of vocals, guitar, fiddle, bass and percussion, The Langan Band’s extravagantly freewheeling yet tautly configured sound embraces Celtic, Roma, bluegrass, flamenco, swing and punk elements, topped with vibrant vocal harmonies. 

Renowned for their infectiously energetic live shows, the band are as at home on a festival stage to tens of thousands, as they are raising the roof in a compact village hall. 

John Langan’s audaciously fresh and captivating take on traditional songs lies at the of the trio, where is flanked by Alastair Caplin and Dave Tunstall. On one side a Hebridean, classically trained violinist and stalwart London’s prog and trad folk scenes; and on the other growling, grounding bass lines that lock into Langan’s foot percussion and rhythm guitar. Whilst the group’s output defies pigeonholes, it emphatically unites audiences and critics alike.

“Extraordinary stylistic dexterity. . . uncategorisable and irresistible” Acoustic Magazine