True pioneers and mould-breakers, famous the world over for inventing Techno Ceilidh, Acid Croft and Hypnofolkadelia, Shooglenifty's original and exciting sound is a wild up-tempo mix of folk talent and funky phonics, melding heritage and hedonism into one unbreakable whole.

Shooglenifty is one of Scotland's most unique and renowned musical exports. The six-man band creates a fiery and infectious blend of traditional Celtic music and dance grooves, and whilst their sound is difficult to put into words, innumerable audiences from around the world have fallen under their musical spell.

A supremely dexterous and witty live band, their energetic live performances have kept them in constant demand around the world. The Evening News in London, England said of a Shooglenifty live performance, “This virtuoso band started building crescendos from the start, each one higher than the last, until the final, shuddering chord left the crowd breathless and cheering wildly.”

Shooglenifty members are: Malcolm Crosbie, acoustic and electric guitars; Orcadian Garry Finlayson, banjo and banjax; Angus A. Grant, fiddle; Luke Plumb, mandolin, banjo and bouzouki; Quee MacArthur, bass and percussion; and James Mackintosh, drums, machines and darabuka.

“This is tradition standing on its head... doing cart wheels and pole vaulting over every barrier in sight...” The Irish Times

“...a bit like a jam between the Tannahill Weavers, Phish and The Chemical Brothers.” Chicago Tribune