String Sisters

Featuring six of the world’s top fiddlers, from Shetland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the USA, the phenomenal String Sisters are a unique tour de force.

Joined by a peerless quartet of piano, guitar, bass and drums, the String Sisters blend Nordic and Celtic traditions into one glorious, enthralling sound. Formed at Celtic Connections in 1998 by Shetland fiddler Catriona Macdonald, the group are rarely seen live – but theirs are thrilling performances, and very special occasions.

The band combines the astounding collective talents of fiddlers Annbjørg Lien (Norway), Catriona Macdonald (Shetland), Emma Härdelin (Sweden), Liz Carroll (United States) – whose first visit to Orkney was just in 2015, where she appeared at the festival, exclusively, from Chicago – Liz Knowles (United States), Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh (Ireland), alongside Tore Bruvoll (Norway) on guitar, pianist Dave Milligan (Scotland), Conrad Molleson (Scotland) on bass and percussionist James Mackintosh (Scotland).

Following a barnstorming reunion in 2015 at the Celtic Colours International Festival, in Cape Breton, Canada, String Sisters played their only 2016 gig at Denmark’s legendary Tønder Festival. Their limited time together in 2017 was spent recording a new album – Between Wind and Water – which will be released through a handful of live dates in January 2018, including a return to Celtic Connections, ahead of very select summer touring – including the Orkney Folk Festival!