Ticket Sales – PayPal info

Just a wee reminder – ahead of tickets being released to Festival Patrons on Saturday morning – that due to changes within PayPal, we strongly recommend that all customers have an active PayPal account in order to speed up the payment process.

Even if you have previously been able to check out as a Guest (bypassing the PayPal account login and simply using a card) it is no longer guaranteed that you will be able to do so again. 

As a security measure, PayPal now limits the number and frequency of transactions that may be made via the Guest option, based on both IP and email addresses. Therefore, even if you bought Patronage without a PayPal account, you may find that you need to create one for ticket purchases. This is on an individual basis, and unfortunately we cannot predict whether or not the Guest option will be available to you. 

Customers outside the UK will not be able to use the Guest option. 

Whilst you can create a PayPal account when checking out with your order, we recommend doing so in advance (direct with PayPal.com). You do not need to deposit money into the account: just link it to a credit or debit card – which, although an initial inconvenience, adds an extra level of security to online payments. At checkout on Saturday, you then just use your PayPal login on the final stage of the order, and the transaction will be processed on your card as normal. 

Additionally, if customers who are able to checkout as a Guest do so with an email address linked to a PayPal account, it is likely that PayPal will either reject this and insist upon logging in, or freeze and delay the payment whilst running security checks. We would therefore strongly recommend signing in.

We apologise for this inconvenience, however suspect that these safety measures have been at the root of a few payment issues in previous years – albeit unknown to us at the time – so hopefully this will smooth those out.

Thanks, and see you soon!