NTS Engine Room

Alongside a performance of The Cheviot, The Stag and the Black, Black Oil, National Theatre of Scotland are hosting a series of workshops and opportunities for artists from all backgrounds – artists, writers, musicians, performers – to experiment across art-forms and generate new ideas.

The Engine Room programme aims to fuel creative talents, providing skills, networks and ideas development opportunities for Scottish artists. Engine Room has NTS ‘theatre without walls’ ethos at its heart, running in partnership with local venues and organisations to support artists across the country.

On Friday 24 May, following the Engine Room workshops, NTS will host the Engine Room Session in The Sound Archive, in Kirkwall: an evening of new scratch performances, cross-art-form experiments, and bold open mic manoeuvring where the line between performer and audience is blurred and everyone present is encouraged to share, respond and let the evening unfold.

For further information on the Engine Room Session, or any of the day’s workshops, visit the National Theatre of Scotland’s website.