Patron Tickets FAQs

We’re receiving a high volume of emails ahead of the Patron ticket sale, so have included answers to our most frequently asked questions below. Please read them carefully as it’s likely we’ve answered your query in the FAQs; if not, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can ahead of the ticket sale.

How do I let you know I’m a Patron when buying my tickets?

All you need to do to access the Patron ticket sale is log into your account on our website ( after 10am BST on Saturday 9 April. Our system will know you’ve already bought patronage so will give you access to the sale. If you’re unsure what your password is you can change this here.

Do I need to use a promotional code when buying my tickets?

No, you don’t need a promotional code. You may see this on our website before the sale opens, but as long as you’re logged in from 10am BST on Saturday (9 April), our system will recognise that you’re a Patron and let you buy tickets.

How many tickets can I buy as a Patron?

Patrons are entitled to buy two adult tickets per event and unlimited children’s tickets.

My friends are also Patrons and we’re going to the festival together. Can we book seats together? 

Yes, but only if you give us advance notice that you’d like to do this before the ticket sale starts. Please email the names of all the Patrons in your party to and we can link your accounts together to share your patronage limits, allowing you to buy your tickets in the same booking.

Is it possible to combine booking fee and postage charges for my tickets?

As long as you put your ticket order through on the same transaction, e.g. you put all the tickets in your basket before checking out, you’ll only be charged once for booking fees and postage. When you first put tickets in your basket you’ll have 45 minutes to add other events and complete your transaction.

Do I need to have a Stripe account to make payment?

No, if you want to pay by Stripe you can type your card details in when completing your purchase on our website. It’s only if you want to pay with PayPal that we recommend you have an account as they can’t guarantee guests can use their checkout process.

I can see an expiry date on my Patron Plus membership when I log in. What does this mean?

As we don’t sell Patron Plus membership through our website we have to manually activate Patron Plus members’ accounts each year. Our system automatically makes Patron accounts live for six months to cover the period tickets are available, which is why you might see a cut-off date. You will continue to be a year-round festival supporter regardless of the date you can see on your account.

How can I get help/ask a question about my ticket order?

During the period the Patron ticket sale is live (10am BST on Saturday 9 April until 7pm BST on Wednesday 13 April), please send any questions about tickets or your order to