Tickets for the 2022 Orkney Folk Festival (to be held over May 26-29) will go on sale in the spring.

Ordinarily this would be in April, around six weeks or so ahead of the festival weekend. As the last couple of years haven’t exactly been ordinary, however, we will publish further updates once the path ahead is clearer.

Assuming restrictions on gatherings and travel etc are lifted, accommodation over the festival weekend, particularly in our hometown of Stromness, will sell out long before tickets go on sale. Quite often accommodation is tight before we’ve announced any artists at all. Please do bear in mind, though, that our programme is concert-based (usually around 35 events), rather than all-inclusive day or weekend tickets, and given where we are – and the time it takes to get to Orkney – no artists appear only once; most are with us three or four days of the festival, giving several opportunities to see them over the weekend.